6 comments on “Join Alfie Boe’s Official Facebook Fan Group

  1. Is there anywhere here where you can request tickets for shows that people may be selling because they can`t go. Badly want to go to Bournemouth but sold out and trying to find out if tickets may come up for resale by other fans.

    • This facility is available in the Official Facebook group – there is an events section but you probably won’t get any joy until much nearer the date.

  2. I would love to join…. not too savvy in here or sure how to do it??? Thanks to daughter I have been to les mis, Alfie and Michael concept and New Jersey concert. Please advise how to join Thank you

    • Hi Sally, you’re already a member of the facebook group but to join the Fan Blog, just pop your name and email into the subscription box on the right of the front page x

  3. I was lucky enough to see Alfie in Birmingham last year for the first time and loved it wWaiting forvthe next

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