2 comments on “Six Sensational Songs

  1. I love all the classical/opera that I have heard Alfie sing, unfortunately none of it in person.

    My top favorite is JS. Bach Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring that he sung with pipe organ and Oboe or other reed instrument. Don’t remember the date but he was younger.

    Next was the Pearl Fisher’s Duet I can not remember who he was singing with right this second because my eyes and ears were on Alfie.

    moving on to Run which he sang at a Veteran’s celebration

    To my surprise, Love Reign o’er me. Never listened to rock music at all and had never heard of Quadraphenia I would definitely not be able to go to a live concert of that music style because my ears would not be able to take the sound volume.

    You Are My Heart’s Desire

    I Will Love you for a Thousand Years Duet with Any one he has ever sung with.

    Then after the above six count down almost anything Alfie does with Michael Ball. I just had to get that plug in.

  2. Keep me in your Heart at Blackpool was so special and the hi light of a wonderful concert.
    A song I love is one I heard him sing the very first time I went to a concert. In my daughter’s Eyes which he sung with a video background of him playing with Grace. It was so special. X

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