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  1. Lovely photos,lovely memories. Thank you Jane and Linda. It must be a real chore to sort through all the photos deciding which ones to use!

  2. Lovely pics, thank you so much for taking the time to put them together for us. I have yet to see Alfie in the flesh, hope i wont have to wait too long !!!

  3. Thank you Jane for a fabulous photo show !! He is so gorgeous and photogenic !! Brings back

    some great moments and makes you feel a bit warm and in need of the De Fib. Linda and Nikki

    you are amazing photographers and have captured some fabulous moments ,we are so lucky

    to have you!!! luv carole n xx

  4. (Brazil-rj) Linda, Nikki and Jane – Fantastic!!!. Thank for all of fabulous photos this incredible man.

  5. Thanks Jane and Linda – great photos. I love the 2014 Tour look. He was slimmer, hair short but not too short and not too much beard. Like him anyway but that’s my favourite. I agree with Marie it would be interesting to see what Alfie looked like without a beard these days – also it would mean he’d be that bit different as everyone seems to have one.

  6. Love having these as a slide show. Alfie is one gorgeous guy. He is slimmer now than he was in 2012. I think the shorter his hair is the younger he looks. Without the beard he looks even younger. I would like him to shave it off for a change after he has finished Les Mis.

  7. Love everything from the 2013 tour.
    Linda – Thank you for all the great pictures.
    Jane – Thank you for including them.

  8. Sadly, there are no plans for a DVD of his most recent concert (it wasn’t filmed) and there are no plans to film the rescheduled Brighton date due to prohibitive costs.

  9. Oh my word more goodies!! Love that they’re all mixed up and that they all have the place and year on them.
    Well done Linda for taking them and Jane for collating them, you spoil us ladies! xx

  10. Oh. Yes. Thank you again lovely Linda and Jane, particularly for the new additions – some of these should have a public health warning slapped on them! xxx

  11. Wonderful photos. Love seeing how Alfie has reinvented himself over the last few years. Linda, you have a great eye for this. Thanks Jane. X

  12. What a treat. Don’t want to go back to work now. Just look at them again! What a team you and Linda make, Jane. Thanks for the happiness factor!

  13. Oooh thank you Jane, it’s lovely seeing a great mix of photos, but there’s ”NOT ENOUGH OF MURRAY”!!!!!!! 😉

    • I’ll try and find some more of Murray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s only so much gorgeousness a woman can look at you know! xxx

  14. Great selection, Jane. Love the boat show one, and the one with Al at the mike stand, and the ones with Emilia, and the Belfast….oh, all of them!!! 🙂 🙂

    • That should read ….fantastic photos as always Linda and thanks to you and Jane for posting. They are wonderful – will probably have a daily fix. Apologies for not being in touch …lost mobile phone with everyones phone numbers.

  15. Holy moly what a treat. I’m in raptures over every one. I am in awe of Linda’s talent and Jane thank you for putting them here all in one place. Love it, love it! (and OK so I DO grin just that little bit more when I see the longer hair and furrier face!!) xxx

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